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What People had to say!


  • Mark Bertz, Ladue News, St. Louis, Mo: "... Antony Terrell shine as the affable Peter von Holp, Dr. Boekman’s devoted assistant Vollenhoven and a mysterious young man who is integral to the story’s plot.                                                          

  • Katie, Lex Fun 4 Kids, Writer: "Antony Terrell opens the play addressing the children in the audience, and he had us in the palm of his hand from that first moment. The children giggled, answered his questions, and listened intently as he took a quick phone call from his mother. His comedic timing was perfect. They adored him instantly." 

  • Lex Fun 4 Kids: "Because Edward is a toy my son, his friend, and I were curious to see how they would portray him... I saw moms and dads leaning into one another during heartfelt parts, arms around children, and tissues being passed down to dry tears... Antony Terrell was the voice behind the rabbit. He moved among the cast and spoke Edwards thoughts. We were very impressed!


  • The Midway Messenger, Midway, Ky:"Two actors portrayed 10 characters in “George Washington Carver and Friends” [...] One actor played nine characters, all notable African Americans. Antony Russell is a 25-year-old actor who has worked for Bright Star Touring Theatre, based in Asheville, N.C., since January. In Sunday’s play, his major role was agricultural chemist George Washington Carver. Carver was known for developing more than 300 uses for peanuts, and that passion was portrayed in Russell’s performance. In a series of costume changes, he played baseball Hall of Famer Jackie Robinson, potato-chip inventor George Crum (left), egg-beater inventor Willie Johnson, self-made cosmetics millionaire Madame C.J. Walker, heart surgeon Daniel Hale Williams, Cascade detergent inventor Dennis Weatherby, educator Booker T. Washington, and Thurgood Marshall, the first black Supreme Court justice."


  • The Herald-Leader,Lexington, Ky,: "It [The Paper Bag Princess] features infectiously energetic acting, thoughtful, fun design and an important message. LCT associate artistic director Kisling’s script is light on dialogue and heavy on action, a challenge that actors Michael Whitten, Deidre Cochran and Antony Russell are more than up to. [...] Russell is hilarious, lovable and a master of physical comedy as Clyde the dragon. The audience, me included, particularly enjoyed the "dragon language" he created, which is somehow comprehensible even when it's not strictly English. Russell has had success with enough tongues to make me wonder if he is the go-to guy for creating animal languages.The cohesive timing between Russell and Whitten in comic scenes — including a flashback of their glory days on the badminton circuit — are a visual treat."

  • The Herald-Leader, Lexington, Ky:  "Brianna Case, Matt Bass, Antony Russell and Carly Crawford are contagiously funny in their multiple roles. What's more, they keep the pace speeding along and they navigate director Vivian Snipes' imaginative blocking with fluidity...Another audience favorite was Russell's hilarious portrayal of the Tooth Fairy."

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